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ROS2 Design Patterns

Are you going to address design patterns for ROS2 in your documentation as you did for ROS1 with the ROS Pattern Pages ( It would be helpful if one could access information about ROS2 design patterns from a central entry point as well.

As far as I know the articles on ROS 2.0 Design ( are about design and design patterns applied to the ROS2 framework itself. Or am I wrong and are there already design patterns documented which address patterns about how to design ROS2 w.r.t. to custom (application) use cases?

I would be interested in lower level design patterns (kind of idioms?) like the hints in the ROS2 Fine Tuning ROSCon 2017 slides about use case specific Fast RTPS configuration as well…

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The design guide section in the ROS2 wiki tries to summarize design patterns for ROS2 with a pattern approach.

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