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ROS2 latency using different node setups

Hi there,

as posted in this post, we recently submitted a paper to ICRA focussing on latency entailed by ROS2. We profile the latency to pinpoint the bottleneck and to find potential improvements. Different parameters are varied, e.g.

  • publisher frequency
  • number of nodes
  • DDS middleware
  • msg size

Have a closer look at the preprint:



This is some really great work and we appreciate third parties digging in to evaluating various ROS RMWs. I wanted to also point people to the TSC RMW Selection Report Open Robotics wrote a few months back. Skimming the conclusion it looks like we came to fairly similar conclusions but this paper is more eloquent in describing the cause of the issues.

@urczf have any plans to open source the code or data from this report?


Thanks for the kudos! The source code can be found on github. Regarding data, I will get back to you.

I will give the rmw selection report a read in the following days. Nice to hear that we came to similar conclusions.

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As promised, the (unprocessed) data can be found here.

Please note, we dumped basically anything to ease understanding of data. Please refer to the repository to understand the meaning of respective log files. I will update the README with the dataset as well.

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