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ROS2 pcl_perceptions



Hi @Paul and all,

pcl_ros have nodelets and replacement for this is component in ROS2.
As per our investigation and the analysis, component is not developed completely and still under active development.
We have many issues for handling dynamic reconfiguration(ROS2 parameter) with compoenent and seems that it is not possible as of now.
So based on these experiences and our experimentation, pcl_ros work is stalled.


Please let us know your opinion on the same.


If you make a statement like this it would be good to include links to existing issues in the bug tracker so that it is clear which problems you are referring to.


Hi @dirk-thomas,

Here is the bug report link.

Other links which I have referred are:- -> this link tells that component is under active development .



Thanks @poonam1120, I wasn’t aware that the composition components were still under active development.