ROSCon 2017: Registration open

We’re excited to announce that registration for ROSCon 2017 is now open.

Register now!

Note that the early registration deadline is August 1, 2017.


Am I the only one for which of the recommended hotels, the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown has no rooms available, the Fairmont Pacific Rim is not available until the Thursday night, the Fairmont Waterfront doesn’t give the discounted rate, and the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver doesn’t have the correct link? Have all the discounted rooms have already been taken?

@gbiggs I can confirm your observations are reproducible and unexpected. We’re following up with the hotels about the status on the room blocks. I was hoping to have a reply for you by now, but while we’re waiting I wanted to let you know we’re looking into it.

Sorry for the lengthy delay. We heard today that the issue with room availability in the room block has been resolved and that the errant link has been fixed. Please try again and let us know if you have further troubles.

Here’s what I get now. It’s still not as I expected - probably things are simply full already. On the assumption that it must be something on my end, I tried several browsers on Linux, Mac and Windows, but got the same result each time. Should I assume that some days are simply full?

The Marriot gives rooms at the correct rate for checking in on the 21st, but if I select check in on the 20th, then it reports no rooms are available. Perhaps the first day of ROSCon is widly popular and the 2nd day isn’t? :slight_smile:

The Fairmont Pacific Rim still is not available on the 20th. I guess that must be the expected result.

The Fairmont Waterfront has rooms but still does not give the discounted rate.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is working fine.

@gbiggs Thanks for the follow ups.

I think it might be from an overlapping event. I’ll see if we can get more rooms in our block.

Yeah, we couldn’t get the block extended one more day at that hotel.

I believe there was a miscommunication on the discounted rate. Comparing to the main rate the rate available is a notable discount. I’ve updated the website to show the available discounted rate.