📅 REMINDER: ROSCon Early Registration Ends Monday

Hi Everyone,

Quick reminder: early ROSCon registration ends this Monday, September 19th (where ever you are). We extended early registration pricing this year to encourage everyone to register for ROSCon early. The visa application process for non-Japanese residents is moderately complex, and you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time to apply. We’re hearing indications that the visa requirements may be lifted in October, but it isn’t a sure thing, and I certainly wouldn’t bank on it. Because of these factors the ROSCon team highly recommends that you register as soon as possible and preferably by Friday. By registering early you’ll also save yourself $150!

I’ll also add that while we’re not sold out yet, we’re on track to sell-out by the event date. If Japan loosens their visa restrictions we’ll almost certainly sell out before the event. Save yourself a lot of time, money, and heartache by registering today!


Full registration details can be found below:


Hello, I just wanted to point out that the 19th is Monday, today is the 16th, Friday (at least where I’m posting from).

Sorry, thanks for pointing that out, your very busy developer advocate neglected to check the calendar prior to posting. I’ll fix the post.

I was putting together a blog post for next week about ROSCon and I wanted to point out three things that I thought may be of interest to everyone attending ROSCon:


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Hello Everyone,

I couldn’t find any easy medium to interact with the on-site attendees of the ROSCon’22 or IROS2022 for the purposes of socialising, so I made one. Join and spread the word if you are attending on-site. PS: #unofficial #justforfun ( WhatsApp Group Invite )

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