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ROSCon 2020: Postponed to 2021

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Hello @tfoote, do you consider a virtual ROS conference in 2020 perhaps?

We are discussing some options along those lines, but aren’t ready to commit to something at this point. Stay tuned…


This is sad, but understandable. :frowning: I look forward to attending in 2021. Also, hopefully you can work out something virtual this year. :slight_smile: :eyes:


Thanks for the update. It is a hard decision and understandable. :cry: Looking forward to ROSCon 2021.

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Very happy to hear that you’re keeping the same location!

I’d also support a (or some sort of) virtual conference for this year :robot::grin:


My off the cuff suggestion if we were to do something this year is to have some type of virtual simulation competition based on ROS2 as the keystone of the event. This could get folks excited about this virtual event, also gets more exposure to ROS2 from developers that haven’t yet made the jump to take a look at it in a low-risk environment, and also potentially people run into issues so they file tickets, port some things that aren’t available yet, and submit new capabilities exclusive to the ROS2 ecosystem.

Then the event could be some battle-bots-esk head-to-head competition streaming with live commentary. Points then if the competition is team based or 1:1 (red team vs blue team type thing) with breaks between rounds for short talks on various topics.

  • Capture the flag
  • Literally gazebo battlebots

If we make the use of some standard robots in simulation, the final round could be on live hardware.


Well, I was really looking forward to this year’s ROSCON, but obviously it must have been a hard decision for you guys too. So, see you guys next year then. :slight_smile:

Well if there is anyone in the world who can do an awesome job of a remote / virtual conference it ought to be this group. Who has the best open source robot telepresence stack?

OK, I’m still going home to New Orleans … just next year :grin: Skipping a year will make ROScon be twice the event! Twice the people, twice the sessions, twice the fun!
Magnolia Brass Band New Orleans  animation

would love an informal virtual event (unconference?) in the meantime. Something that is not trying to be ROScon but gives folks an outlet for showing their work. AWS, Intel, NVIDIA, others in our community host great virtual events


Thanks for the update, @tfoote, fullly understand this hard decision given the COVID-19 pandemic.
Look forward to ROSCon 2021.

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@smac - you had me at battle-bots! Sign me up! :slight_smile: :robot: :zap: :rocket: :exploding_head:

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thanks @gerkey @tfoote and Open Robotics, I’m looking forward to ROSCon2021 :grin:

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Would love to see a virtual event. Seems fitting considering how much online streaming and participation has been a part of ROSCon.


Bonus points for exploiting corner cases in the physics simulation to make the Kraken eat the opponent’s robot!

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I’d like to attend a virtual event given the current circumstances and logistical constraints.

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My robot’s all in favor of and willing to help with an online ROS Foxy CTF!



Thank you for the update! Since I have been participating steadily since ROSCon2014, I was very excited and expected about this ROSCon2020. Although the ROSCon2020 was postponed to next year, I think this is a very brave decision. I deeply sympathized with the decision of the ROSCon executive committee, and I hope that next year’s ROSCon will be mere fun, bigger, and more people will be together!


This sounds fun. Maybe a plugin to create damage by removing pieces of you robot as you play and get hit?


This gif is getting stolen. Also +1 for CTF!