Rosdoc2 undergoing significant change

Just as a heads up: rosdoc2, the program used to generate the so-called ‘API docs’ for ros2 packages, is currently undergoing fairly rapid change. For example, we’ve recently starting showing the source files for messages, services, and actions, and we now support mixed C++ and python packages.

But there are more changes in the works. The bottom line is don’t be surprised if the look of the API docs on a package changes on a daily basis, and don’t try to adapt to these changes yet. When things settle down, we’ll give an overview of the changes, and how you can customize if desired the API docs for a particular package using the revised rosdoc2.



Don’t be so humble! You’ve added some fantastic features and fixes to ROSDoc2! These are all things that we’ve wanted to improve for a long time. These changes are incredibly important as we start moving from the ROS Wiki to On behalf of the entire core dev team I would like to extend you a huge thank you! :heart:

For those that are interested here is the entire list of PRs landed this week:


Wow, message rendering! We haven’t had this since 2020. Excellent!

Is there a way for message rendering to hyperlink in the dependent messages similar to the old version?

For example, in trajectory_msgs/msg/JointTrajectory, could the header field hyperlink to std_msgs/msg/header

Currently, the display of messages is simply showing the text of the raw file with no parsing. To get hyperlinks, some sort of parsing would be needed.

Eventually I may see if there is any straightforward way to add links, but not in the immediate future.