ROS News for the Week of March 25th, 2024

ROS News for the Week of March 25th, 2024

I spent the week down at South West Research Institute visiting our colleagues over at ROS Industrial for their annual meeting. Make no mistake, ROS-Industrial is where the ROS rubber meets the road, and they always have the best demonstrations! ROS Industrial also provides ROS training sessions that technical support for our industrial users. I’m always super impressed by the work done by the ROS-I consortium members. If you’ve never been to a ROS-I meeting or training session I would recommend taking the time to check them out.

They might also make some fantastic country music. :cowboy_hat_face:

We’ve been getting a lot of fantastic community contributions to and ROSDoc2 lately. I want to point out a fantastic set of contributions from @rkent this week. These changes significantly improved ROSDoc2 and have enabled message, service, and action rendering in (image above). We really appreciate the help @rkent!

Along those lines, part of my talk at ROS Industrial (Copy of ROSIndustrial-2024.pdf (2.1 MB)) was on what we’re planning to do with the ROS Wiki after ROS 1 goes end of life. We really need to start working to move wiki content over to

I came across this very impressive demo from Alex Koch the other day that uses open hardware arms that can be built for just $250.


This week our friends over at Pollen Robotics released their Pollen Vision Library for their Reachy robot. Their vision stack includes OWL-VIT (open world localization), Mobile-SAM (object segmentation), and RAM (Recognize Anything Model). You can read all about it on Hugging Face.




Got a minute?

Why don’t you try migrating some ROS Wiki content to