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RSS 2021 workshop about founding robotics startups!

Interested in escaping from academia, and starting your own robotics company? Then, you should attend our workshop at RSS next month!

We are going to have founders with PhDs share their experience and wisdom, hopefully giving you just the right hints to begin your robotics startup adventure. The focus is not ROS per se, but some of the founders can comment about ROS in the context of their startup.

Confirmed Presenters (all founders):

  • Vivian Chu, Diligent Robotics
  • Matanya Horowitz, AMP Robotics
  • Tessa Lau, Dusty Robotics
  • Ross Mead, Semio

…more presenters and details will be announced soon!

If you are interested, please take a small survey at


The panel discussions for this workshop will occur during the next 2 days (12 & 13 July). If you want to ask questions at the panels or if you want to watch the 1-on-1 interviews (recorded), you must sign-up.

To promote honest questions-and-answers, we do not plan to make the interviews public, so join while you can!

workshop website:

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Hello, I am interested in attending/watching the workshop videos but I am having trouble making a Discord account. I filled out the surveymonkey survey however. Is that enough to get emailed the info to see the recordings?

Thanks I am catching up on emails. Yes, email is enough.

This will be good! Tessa Lau is the real deal! Applying amazing engineering practices to building a company = winning. :popcorn:

Hi, I’m still not sure where I can submit questions, watch recordings, watch live? etc… I cannot join Discord and I have filled out the surveymonkey form

I just sent you an email.

Did a video get posted for this workshop? I would love to share it.

no, there are no permanent videos recorded for the workshop. I did this in the hope that it would encourage more candid and casual discussion, but I know it leaves out folks with time constraints.

nonetheless, the 1-1 interview videos are privately available until later this month, so anyone can contact me for links or join the Discord group created for the workshop.

I plan to keep the workshop website up and to occasionally update the References section.

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Thanks!!! Those References Sections are very useful!!!

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