ROS News for the Week of February 5th, 2024

ROS News for the Week of February 5th, 2024

This was the week of robotics workshops and classes. There are a bunch of great events planned for the next few months including a free ROS MOOC at TU Delft, an ACM summer school on software engineering for robotics, and an autonomous systems bootcamp at University of Deleware.

While there have been a lot of robotics companies holding layoffs and shutting down it appears robotics investments are still up. For December 2023 there were $749M in robotics investments.

The first ROS Meetup in Lagos, Nigeria was a resounding success! I was super excited to see the social media posts roll in over the weekend. Here’s to many more events to come :beers: Image source

Brace yourself, the ICRA 2024 pre-print papers are starting to come out! Above is the video for, “A Method for Multi-Robot Asynchronous Trajectory Execution in MoveIt2.” Also checkout, “CrazySim A Software-In-The-Loop Simulator for CrazyFly Drones.”




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2024-03-14 TU Delft ROS MOOC (FREE!)

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Thanks. Looks like I somehow deleted the “d” in “Delft”. Fixed it.