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Safety Critical WG meeting #20190926

This is the meeting announcement for the next Safety Critical WG meeting to take place on Thursday, September 26, 2019 2:00 PM

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3129

Access Code: 559-799-493

More phone numbers
Australia: +61 2 9087 3604
Austria: +43 7 2081 5427
Belgium: +32 28 93 7018
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9391
Denmark: +45 32 72 03 82
Finland: +358 923 17 0568
France: +33 170 950 594
Germany: +49 692 5736 7317
Ireland: +353 15 360 728
Italy: +39 0 247 92 13 01
Netherlands: +31 202 251 017
New Zealand: +64 9 280 6302
Norway: +47 21 93 37 51
Spain: +34 932 75 2004
Sweden: +46 853 527 836
Switzerland: +41 225 4599 78
United Kingdom: +44 330 221 0088

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Starting to be hard to track things with all the ongoing activity :slight_smile: . Hope I’m not asking for too much but would it be possible to set up a joint calendar as in ROS2 Security Working Group Online Meeting - September 17th, 2019 between 10AM and 11AM PDT (UTC-7)?

That’s actually something that should be done for all working groups. In the Autoware Foundation we are in the process of setting up a public calendar for all working group meetings to be recorded on. I will raise the idea of doing the same thing in the next ROS 2 TSC meeting.

Tully has just given me access to a calendar for ROS events, so I shall record the working group meetings on there. I presume he will announce it shortly, because it does not appear to be the same one as the ROS 2 Security WG has been using? (If it is, they’ve hidden their upcoming events very well.)


A unified working group calendar/index would be appreciated. I’d be fine jumping ships for some consolidation or consistency. Perhaps we could also start tracking our meeting notes in git repos under a common wg org, rather than google docs or posts spread across the ether. Sort of like the lang teams in rust:

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I was intrigued by the way Rust is using GitHub to manage its working group documents, rather than any kind of wiki, so I took a look. The most recent update is 3 months ago. :frowning: I think the burden of doing things through Git may be too high compared to just using a wiki-like interface.

The Autoware Foundation is starting to organise its working groups through a GitLab wiki (it’s a project that doesn’t have a repository, just the wiki), and I’m encouraging working group leaders to post their minutes there.

Perhaps we could have something similar under the ros2 organisation at GitHub?

I suppose keeping to discourse for posting meeting notes and asynchronous discussions like we have isn’t bad, as long as posts are tagged by working group. Perhaps the discourse posts/notes could be made as discourse wikis for those in the working group to edit. Should working groups continue to post in there closest category, or should we have a subcategory just for wg announcements?

Adding a github wiki to index working group schedules/resources would be great.
A wiki page entry could look like this:

Security Working Group:


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Discourse posts tend to get lost easily. Putting them in a category helps but it means yet another category.

My policy for the Autoware Foundation is that minutes should be placed in the wiki, sorted by working group, but also announced in Discourse. I can live with doing them in a Discourse post, but I don’t think it’s ideal.

I would like to have the notes somewhere other than discourse posts.
Gitlab, confluence, github. Anyplace where we can easily organize and review later.