Scheduled maintenance for Thursday 24 August 13:00-15:30 Pacific (UTC-7)

We’re getting ready to migrate the ROS buildfarm from Trusty to Xenial.
In order to completely test the migration of the Jenkins host we’re scheduling some downtime to take a preliminary snapshot of the production Jenkins data.

At 13:00 Pacific time tomorrow Jenkins will be put into shutdown mode, preventing new jobs from starting.
Depending on the number and estimated completion time of running jobs, they may be allowed to complete or they may be terminated.

Once there are no running jobs we’ll begin archiving the directory and transfer it to a test host.
After the transfer is complete we will bring Jenkins out of shudown preparation and close the maintenance window.

Updates will be posted to and I’ll post back here once the whole process is complete.

Maintenance has been completed and the buildfarm is back online.