Self-driving Moving Hackathon For ROS Engineers and Hackers
Self-driving Moving Hackathon For ROS Engineers and Hackers

Key Words
Hackathon/ Engineering/ Challenge/ Meetup

What’s In There

  • First-hand Experiences On Real Self-driving Cars
    (Get your hands on real self-driving cars and verify your algorithms while the car driving by itself)

  • Software Deployment
    (Experience the full software stack based on the self-driving framework to finish the challenges)

  • Mentorship and Guidance
    (Experienced hardware and software engineers at PIX to provide onsite mentorship and assistance)

  • Igniting Engineering Spirit
    (Challenge yourself and finish the meaningful adventure through collaboration)

  • Global Engineer Meetup
    (Meet with global self-driving engineers to network, connect, beer and make friends)

  • Sharing and Spreading Insights
    (Fireside chats and presentations to share opinions and spread thoughts)

  • Hackathon Bonus: Udacity Courses
    (Get Udacity course and Onsite Self-driving Training for free)

Why The Hackathon

Moving Hackathon provides car platforms equipped with computing abilities, sensors, drive-by-wire control and other hardware support, also closed urban roads to test and challenge for global self-driving engineers, who can stay focused on algorithms/software design, optimization and development without worrying about car/hardware to test.

Moving Hackathon is a self-driving global meetup with two onsite participating categories: Full-sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge and Small-Sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge. With sparking spirit of engineering and technology innovation as the aim, Moving Hackathon is meant to facilitate the mutual growth and inspiration among self-driving startups, engineers, developers and enthusiasts worldwide, lowering the entry barrier of self-driving for common developers.

Technology and science industrial park, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Full-sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge: May 22-27, 2019
Small-sized Self-driving Car Onsite Challenge: May 25-27, 2019

In the hackathon approach, Moving Hackathon continues to facilitate the intelligent transformation of traditional vehicles, and every Hackathon would ignite an engineer party with the spirit of engineering challenge. Lit with a sense of technology punk and technology democratization, Moving Hackathon nurtures iteration and innovation from the bottom up. More details can be found here

We’ll make full arrangement for the development components & accessories stuff, also free accommodation & foods, and reimbursement for flights. Check out Moving Hackathon FAQ here

Surprise and prize for Moving Hackathon participants!
Contact: Email to or call at 0086.18111991219 for any questions or concerns

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