Should I put a space between “ROS” and “2”?

Have you ever wondered if you should put a space between “ROS” and “2”? Is it “ROS2” or “ROS 2”? Well, I’ve got the perfect website for you:

(However, if you’re still wondering whether you should even use ROS 2 at all, I’ve also got the perfect website for you:


Too bad… I always liked „ROS2“ more. It writes itself smoother :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

BTW, slightly off topic… I was recently searching for the ROS press kit that was on, but could not find it. Do you have any idea where it is disappeared?

Are websites the new meme? Look what you’ve started @DLu


This page is linked as “media” at the bottom of the ROS homepage you linked, and contains links to the press kit, brand guide, etc.

The thing I find difficult about the spacing is that in programming we so often concatenate things anyway (e.g. ros2) but I can see why it makes sense from a normal standpoint.



Nice catch :+1: and Good eye :eye:

Probably you can do the lightning talk about this for ROSCon 2023?? :smile:

This is actually practical since i have seen some contribution for GitHub - ros2/ros2_documentation: ROS 2 docs repository included ROS2 w/o space.


Thank! (Sorry, I managed to miss that already few times…)

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Also there is this media kit that can be found in the ROS 2 documentations Marketing — ROS 2 Documentation: Humble documentation

In case, if it helps.

For context, the last time I recall this subject cropping up, the issue with SEO was still a big deal:

That said, the state of affairs since 2019 has improved. Back then search results for queries differentiating between the two versions where quite muddled. With the sunsetting of version 1, and as more and more content, documentation, and packages assuming version 2, things are better.

However, I don’t suppose colloquial references to “ros2” will ever cease or desist, given the legacy of package and GitHub repo/organization naming conventions. The formatting of the very tag categorizing this discourse post to be searchable makes this self-evident.