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Is there any official guidelines for ROS2 logo?

Hi, I’m trying to find ROS2 logo usage guidelines

Is anybody has the official logo file (SVG or somewhat vector form) or specific guideline for the logo?


ROS 2 is the second version of ROS, we plan to keep using the ROS logo as you have linked above. If you want to refer to ROS 2 specifically it should have a space followed by 2 to represent the version. If you want to match the font, we use is Overpass.


Thanks for the clear answer!

It very helps

Can I ask one more question?
Sorry for bothering you again.

I saw the ROS 2 logo in ROS 2 GitHub
They use the logo which doesn’t contain ‘ROS’ (only 9 dots && 2).

Is it another form of official ROS 2 logo?
Or (9 dots + ROS + 2) is the only form of the official ROS 2 logo.


That is what @tfoote was referring to.

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looks like Overpass SemiBold

That’s just a play on the 9 dots like we do for most ROS organizations. Several more examples are here:

There are quite a few variations that I’m familar with: Screenshot%20from%202019-07-11%2017-59-00

No, there is not an official ROS 2 logo. There is the ROS logo ( 9 dots + ROS) which can be followed by a number 2 to represent the version if your usage needs clarification. In the same way that you can use it in text ROS talks about all of ROS, and if it’s not clear which version you’re talking about you can refer to ROS 1 or ROS 2.

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Thanks @tfoote! Thanks all!

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Just out of curiousity, the 9 dots in the logo - does it come from the ‘connect 9 dots with 4 connected lines’ problem? Aka ‘think outside the box problem’

Those dots can mean whatever you want them to mean :), but the original concept was to evoke a regular bolt pattern that serves as an extension point for adding new functionality, like what you see on the top and sides of PR2’s head. You can easily attach new hardware to PR2, and you can easily attach new software to ROS.


via Discourse search…
Some of the results reference repos (the Github org is ros2), but the subject for this thread is also ROS2.
Perhaps making a style guide (with canonical ROS 2 logos, fonts, and descriptions of spacing) would avoid problems later on, especially w.r.t. trademark status.

I feel ros2 is superior for SEO; organically emerging to distinguish content from from ros (one?).
Why bother fighting it and just skip the space altogether that breaks the keyword tokens?
I think this is why hyphens are prefered over spaces to avoid fracturing discoverability.