Snapshots for Iron

How quickly should we expect the snapshots site to include the new ROS 2 Iron release?

I am working on an updated CI workflow that generates the distro matrix for us using only the “active” ROS distros…which relies on the snapshot site to determine which distro is active.


The snapshotting process is still manual and we don’t have a specific deadline for that. I would not suggest using that as the reference for what distros are active.

Instead you can directly query rosdistro for that in closed form from the rosdistro index that’s actively maintained and is the explicit source of truth of what’s active. eg Iron going active and Galactic going EOL

#!/usr/bin/env python

import rosdistro
r = rosdistro.get_index(rosdistro.get_index_url())
active_distros = [k for k, v in r.distributions.items() if v['distribution_status'] == 'active']

print("Active distros: %s" % active_distros)
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@tfoote is spot on here. In addition to declared state in the rosdistro index, the state of rosdistro during each distribution sync is tagged by the ROS boss during the sync and pushed to GitHub so you can also see when a specific distribution was last updated.

To answer the specific question regarding snapshots for Iron. Sync snapshots for non-LTS distributions are not published, so Iron will not appear on the snapshots site until the end of its support lifecycle and the final snapshot is published.

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