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Spam in freenode irc channel


The current freenode spambot attack also hits the #ros channel. Since the spam happens the whole day it would be nice if an op could take care of things there.


I put the channel (#ros) in moderated mode (+m). I gave voice (+v) to people I had seen before and operator status to a few others (+o). I’m not sure what else to do for now. The spammer’s rotate nicknames so fast, I can’t moderate it manually.


Thank you, this is much better. Lets hope that we can unset moderated soon.

Another channel I’m in has set +q $~a which disallows unidentified users to speak - not saying that this is better…


Could someone please update the channel topic? It is currently set to:

Freenode is being spammed, message OP’s for +v (…)

The channel is no longer set to moderated (+m) which is why the topic is confusing. Also the register only (+r) mode might not be needed anymore.


Sorry it took me so long, but I finally remove +r from the channel and updated the topic. Looks like FreeNode has server side spam filtering now.