Ros-sig-* spam

Is there anyone here who (still) has access to the ros-sig-vendors list?

It’s long been defunct, but the last few days I’ve been receiving many spam messages from it.

Perhaps the account spamming the list could be blocked?

The spammer has been banned. And the spam posts removed from the archive.

I’m going to follow up on that group to suggest that it be shut down and any further discussions be conducted here on Discourse as it’s been effectively inactive for 5 years and so moderating it is just extra effort.

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Re-opening this, as now it’s the same spammer(s), but on ros-sig-education.

Would you also have admin access there @tfoote?

I’ve noted it’s deprecated in the description and made it so only owners can post to that list too. And reported the spammers too for good measure.

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