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Status of parameters

It seems that while some work has been done on using parameters, setting them is not implemented, correct?

At least, when I call "ros2param list ", I get nothing, even though the node in question has and uses parameters. (turtlebot2 kobuki_node, to be exact).

In ROS 2 the parameters are implementing within the node.
Each node can have local parameters but needs a “parameter server” to allow remote nodes to modify them. We haven’t propagated the parameter service to all our nodes as we expect it to be started automatically in he future.
You can see minimal example of node running the parameter service here

Hope this helps

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In a decentralized system, we’d to spawn nodes which serve as parameter
servers. The example Mikael gave shows the basic usage.
You can have a look what was done for the ros2_control implementation.

The “controller_parameter_server” is meant as a global parameters server,
which has capabilities to load params from yaml files and puts them in
their respective namespaces.
Various controllers can then fetch these values with the