With all the OSR{x} updates going. It’s confusing to someone who is not constantly in the governance and company side of things.

So what is the OSR{x} lore ?
(This just from my understanding and can be absolute B.S)

Firstly, OSRF made OSRC and intrinsic bought it. ‘ROS’, ‘Gazebo’ and lesser known sibling 'Open-RMF ’ were managed by the intrinsic/OSRC team. Demand and scope of these projects grew, so a new form of governance needed to happen, one that could have many stakeholders. More diverse voices in the decision-making and hopefully more money going towards development and maintenance of these projects. Thus the OSRA was formed.Then the OSRC was sold.

So now we have the OSRF and OSRA.

Please feel free to correct any mistakes.


This recent episode of Sense Think Act/The Audrow Nash Podcast goes through quite a bit of the history that got us to this point.

The most important correction to your understanding is that the OSRC was sold to Intrinsic before the creation of the OSRA initiative, and both of those things are part of a single long-term plan by the OSRF to provide a stable future for ROS, Gazebo, Open-RMF, and the infrastructure that supports them.


Open Robotics - Wikipedia is a decent high level history, but it doesn’t yet reflect the OSRA.


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