TurtleBot 2 for Melodic

This ROS Answers post suggests that Turtlebot 2 packages will be released for Melodic:


Does anyone have a rough time-line for this? I’ll be teaching a Turtlebot-based robotics course in the spring and I need to make decisions soon about the OS and ROS versions to have installed on lab computers.


I’m in exactly this same position. I’ve got a student standing by to start my installations for my spring robotics course but I’d really like to know whether Turtlebot 2 is likely to be available on Melodic in time. Any hint about the timing on this would be appreciated! (I certainly understand that exact timing is impossible to predict.)

You can always build the relevant packages from source! If I recall correctly, then Turtlebot 2 (and Turtlebot) were last released in Kinetic, though I have been able to get my Turtlebot running in Lunar (have not tested with melodic yet) by just building the necessary packages with catkin.

Thanks for the suggestion! I may try that out. However imaging and maintaining a large number of lab machines is much easier for our sysadmin if I can just send him a list of packages.

Turtlebot packages don’t seem to be available for Melodic yet. There’s a ticket turtlebot/turtlebot#272.

Here is the repo I forked to update: https://github.com/gaunthan/Turtlebot2-On-Melodic

I found out what can be installed with apt instead and made it work for Jetson TX2 (arm64) as well. I will make the .rosinstall files available once it is complete


you can follow this tutorial it helps you to install turtlebot2 for melodic, As this distribution in the following video especially solves this problem:

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