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Updated 3D Camera Survey on ROS-I Website

Over the past year or so, we have noticed the popularity of a blog post that was most recently updated in Jan 2016 and persists to be one of the most visited pages over at The 3D Camera Survey has been a popular resource and we have now moved it from just a Blog post but to a page that now resides under the Developer ribbon off the main page.

We link between this new page and the blog post since there has been a decent comment history on the blog post page. Please feel free to comment here, or recommend other sensors, or what additional info would be helpful in the description of each sensor.

We are happy to provide resources that are beneficial to the Industrial community and to the broader ROS community so we look forward to keeping this one going!

Thanks in advance,

Matt Robinson
RIC-Americas Program Manager
Southwest Research Institute


Hi Matt,

thx for this comprehensive overview. We really appreciate ongoing activities in the direction of open-source drivers for 3D vision devices.

However, we are wondering why our rc_visard didn’t make it to the list? It’s an affordable, well documented stereo-camera sensor with on-board processing resources and ego-motion estimation. As it is already on the market and people are using our ROS driver (which is being developed further thanks to the support of the ROSIN EU project), I think it would be nice to have it on the list too.

Did we miss any criteria here or could you please add it whenever you find some time? Please dont hesitate to contact us in case you need any further information, and thx for your efforts!

Christian Emmerich
Roboception GmbH


Thanks for the reply. I’m looking to see what we can add, so the rc_visard would definitely be one to add. We started with sensors that we have had “hands-on” experience with, and then have since included some that the community has provided, based on what they have used. So every sensor on the list at least someone in the development community has had experience with it.

I hope more organizations and developers include sensors/cameras to include, at which point we will update the page. We look forward to collaborating with the community to drive the most comprehensive list, with details that add the most value as well.

Thanks for driving awareness on our end, and I’ll get to work to get it added!

Matt R.
ROS-I Americas Program Manager


Please check back and see if how I entered the rc_visard meets your expectations. We would love to get our hands on one. What is lead time to US? Cost? Demo units available?


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Hello out there… we have made some recent updates to the camera survey… as always use this thread to request additions… ideally I take these from developers not OEMs so it is from a source that has actually used a camera, not just a sales person… open to suggestions to keep it relevant…

speaking of relevant, you may ask, why are some of these out of production cameras on here?

Well it is a record, of sense, so it is handy to have the specs of some of the classics to understand where some of the contemporaries sit. That is just my take anyhow… again, always up for suggestions.


Matt R.
ROS-I Americas Program Manager


Would it perhaps be an idea to add a row indicating availability / production status? Or perhaps even sort entries based on that?

Great point on the line for availability. I was thinking of re-ordering, but the site formatting is not the most user friendly as you may have heard. I’ll get the availability status in.

What does this mean please?

Latency: 6600 LSB10/(Lux.s)

We are using ensenso cameras here ( ) a lot and I would like to mention that there are


There is also this Ensenso driver:

IMO, this is the better driver, since we added support for integration with a monocular RGB camera on top of the Ensenso (so you get colored point clouds), and it feels more ROS-y (for example, it uses dynamic_reconfigure instead of actions to set parameters).

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There is an open ticket to discuss that
Please open another one for exposing the feature to merge 2D and 3D data if that is not directly accessible. This is supported by NxLib api.

I have a request to the vendor actually to update their specs to at least something that mirrors how the other OEMs present theirs. I may pull this since the testimonials from end-users/developers have been light.

We have a lot of hands on time with the Ensenso products (N and X) and like them quite a bit. There are few options that are PoE and IP rated. Great to see the driver options and some feedback on which one to go with. Thanks!

Has anyone tried this industrial version of the Intel Realsense D435?


We just got a quote. As soon as it gets in we can post up, if there is interest.

Hi guys, anyone tested the FRAMOS camera with ROS?

If you mean this and this, they’re just realsense cameras - reference the realsense entries.

I will ping @Jorge_Nicho and @Levi-Armstrong to see there takes. We use “regular” RealSense cameras, and the experience is different. In some ways having PoE is nice, for long cable runs, but the driver you are typically used to is set up differently. It is the camera used here, with the repo of this application here.


ROS-I Consortium Americas

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Thanks, @mrobinson those links are handy! My main concern is about the wrapper FRAMOS made for the ethernet PoE connection and any known bugs when using them with ROS. Although the software supports, in theory, multiple simultaneous cameras, I haven’t found anybody reporting utilizing a couple of them with ROS at the same time.

Hello, we’ve used them successfully in a couple applications using the ROS wrapper. The main reason was due to the instability of the usb cables on the regular cameras. I can reach out to my contact at Framos to see what happens with multiple cameras.

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