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ROS News for the Week of July 5th, 2021

ROS News for the Week 7/5/2021

Tool from Tangram: Compare FOV and Working Distance for Depth Cameras
I really appreciate this work, one thing that frustrates me as a computer vision person is when people don’t do basic specification checking when evaluating a new sensor.

NIST has Announced the 2021 ARIAC Winners

This week, my wonderful intern noticed that YouTube thinks RVIZ is a musical artist.

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I chose these questions this week because they are questions that come up way too often and indicate that we need to improve the ROS 2 docs. If you are interested in helping with the ROS 2 docs, or are willing to port an article from the ROS Wiki to the ROS 2 Docs, please let me know. In particular, if you have a lot of experience with ROS 2 launch files I would love your help.


‘Issues’ is a club banger. :dancer:


Yes, and (part of) the video was shot not far from Willow Road/Willow Garage, just across the Dumbarton bridge, it seems!

Notice the bridge and characteristic heights of the transmission towers on the left.

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