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US Citizen based ROS programmers needed - 1099 Contracting available

Interested in US Citizen based ROS programmers to be put on contract as 1099, work on underwater systems. Job specs and requirements:

Contact: Bruce Rodewald

Programmer Requirements Description

Position: Software Programmer
Requirements: Proficient in embedded Linux, particularly Yocto (Ubunutu embedded), as well as C++, Python Scripting, and Robot Operating System (ROS). Additional familiarity with Qt desired

This position is initially a contract based on Statement of Work for the purpose of performing enhancements for existing software based on the above mentioned operating systems. This is a sophisticated code base utilized in underwater systems for divers, and will involve automation of some tasks which are normally performed with diver interaction which will instead become “configurations” that perform certain functions automatically based on specific events as measured from sensors or based on acquiring and storing data at specific time intervals.

The current code base is used for underwater sensors and must be enhanced to add communication with radio and “AIS” navigation transceivers, and must both acquire data from these sensors for storage, as well as send data either periodically or when queried through the radio transceiver. It will be necessary to write certain component drivers or modify existing drivers for those sensors. Therefore, proficiency in C++ and the ability and familiarity in working with quad-core ARM processors is critical.
Specific tasks involved:

  • Write drivers for system interaction with a chosen VHF radio transceiver
  • Write Drivers for system interaction with a chosen AIS/GPS transceiver
  • Write software for the handling and organizing of data both to and from the ROS (Robot Operating System) middleware and the RF and potentially AIS transceiver(s)
  • Write software to organize and send data through the RF transceivers, and handle queries received by the RF transceiver.
  • Write firmware to be programmed through JTAG on specific processor boards for the handling of a water activation circuit.
  • Additional programming tasks within the stated software environment to be defined as the R&D project progresses.
    Compensation: To be discussed. negotiable, based on skill set and experience.