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Washington Post re Ghost Robotics AGX ROS2

Washington Post article about US Air Force using Ghost Robotics quadrupeds that run NVIDIA Xavier AGX ros2 eloquent cyclonedds. Part of the impetus for mobile security is because Hurricane Michael destroyed billions of dollars of Tyndall Air Force Base infrastructure including stationary surveillance cameras.

Ghost’s @allenh1 and team won this via an successful pilot where Ghost V60s were airlifted via 109th Airlift Wing LC-130 (yes, arctic ski plane) from Buckley Air Force Base CO to Nellis Air Force base Nevada and rapidly deployed. @JWhitleyWork @eboasson @rotu gave an assist.

pro tip: when pondering ros1_bridge vs porting all packages to ros2 … do the later.


Thanks for the post, @joespeed!

CycloneDDS has been fantastic for our use case! And @eboasson has been incredibly helpful with any issues we ran into.