What is the fashionable approach to monitor robot status over a webpage?


I’m planning on developing a webpage so I can quickly assess the status of my robot without having a terminal.

I’ve seen the following suite of capabilities:

Are these still the most up to date framework? They have some projects without commits for two years.

What is the community using nowadays?

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You might look at Robot Commander, which runs on Android. There is also an older version for a workstation.

Possibly overkill.

Both use RobotWebTools


Which aspects of your robot do you want to monitor? Are you looking for something like rviz for web or a dashboard approach like rqt, e.g. for plotting values?

If you are dealing with an industrial robot arm you might have a look at Rosvita (Videos) which is currently in beta. Rosvita has a JS front-end that includes a 3D WorldView (visualization similar ro rviz) and a heart-beat based system status monitor (see package xamla_sysmon at github). The system monitor ensures that criticial components are responding (e.g. robot moves are disallowed when a gripper is not ready in order to prevent crashes).

Rosvita uses a custom ROS to Javascript bridge independent of RobotWebTools. Access to this JS lib will be provided in the near future for custom HMI developments. If you are interested contact me.

[My opinion is biased since I am a member of the Rosvita dev team.]

Thank you for this information.

I’m considering monitoring a robot deployed on a small form factor computer. I feel webinterface will be more scalable - any device can connect. Stop/starting services, looking at critical topics for diagnostics, all nodes up…

Thank you!

Rosbridge with a simple JavaScript webpage works for me.