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Wiki and API docs mirroring


Wiki mirroring has an open issue below, which renders the mirror mostly unusable. Is there any likelihood of the issue getting resolved anytime soon?

Also, I wanted to understand if the wiki synchronization mechanism ( was considered and why it was ruled out, since it would presumably take care of most issues, including providing the original wiki experience with the distro-specific folding of content. Sorry if this sounds trivial, but I am a newbie to Wiki management, as you might have guessed :slight_smile:

Is there any alternate method for mirroring the wiki and docs?



Hi @vcravi,

Please see the page here for the most up to date info on setting up mirrors of all the ROS content:

The errors generated are a known issue as you’ve linked. We’ve not received any feedback from existing wiki mirror admins that this is a blocker. If you have more details please consider providing more details on the ticket. My impression was that it’s only a few pages that have issues. I’ll take another pass as looking at it.

We explicitly chose the static mirroring approach because the wiki has grown noteably larger than MoinMoin is designed for and we are putting a lot of effort to keep tie working well. Adding synchronization will add additional load for us, as well as potentially require heavy hardware requirements for the mirror administrators. (We’ve spent a lot of time tuning our moin moin instance to respond quickly and needs a non-trivial server to host the contnet.

Whereas a flat export of the static pages is much lower overhead to administer for the mirrors and does not require any changes(or acknowledgement from the public wiki which is important for some private uses. It also requires many fewer resources to store and to serve. It also follows the same pattern as our docs and packages which again makes the administrative load easier for our mirror maintainers. Also the static html pages support users who just want a copy locally for offline usage.

The main goal is that the mirror administrators have to do the minimum amount of work. Since it’s a thankless job.


Hi Tully. Thanks for the response. I will update the ticket with my observations.