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Winget: official Windows package manager

Microsoft has finally announced an official package manager for Windows: GitHub - microsoft/winget-cli: Windows Package Manager CLI (aka winget) . Has anyone digged into how could ROS (2) / (Ignition) Gazebo be built for this repo?

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There’s a GitHub issue tracking problems to deploy using wintget. Looks like it hasn’t been updated in a year but I thought I’d link it here. RosOnWindows winget issue

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I looked at it when it first launched, but it seems that it is system to install complete self-contained applications rather then “packages” (for example, C++ libraries) in a Linux distribution or conda/conda-forge sense.

For example, at the moment it does not support dependencies between packages, and even the proposed being worked on seem to focus on massive dependencies (JRE, .Net) rather then library-level packages: Support for package dependencies · Issue #163 · microsoft/winget-cli · GitHub .

Doing a comparison with Linux world, it seems more similar to a flatpak/snap registry rather then an apt/yum distribution. Probably it could be useful to wrap a complete workspace and install it (as done for example in ROS/Tutorials/Packaging your ROS project as a snap - ROS Wiki), but I am afraid that at least at the moment it is not useful in providing an apt-like experience on Windows.


Thanks for the link-back.
We (Azure Edge Robotics) are still waiting for Zip file deployment so we can install ROS outside of the Windows app container; As @traversaro implied, ROS is more like an SDK than an app which is what Win-Get specifically targets.

In the meantime, we continue to support Chocolatey packages for ROS (1 & 2) on Windows. We’re also having conversations about RoboStack support (Please give some help for the awesome repo of RoboStack / ros-foxy · Issue #324 · ms-iot/ROSOnWindows · GitHub).

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