đź—ł 2022 ROS 2 TSC Community Representative Election Results

2022 ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee Community Representative

Hi Everyone,
As you may recall, the ROS 2 TSC Community Representative election was scheduled to wrap up last night at midnight California time. We had six great candidates for this year’s election and unfortunately we have only one slot to fill this year. The representative elected in this election will serve as the ROS 2 TSC community representative until October 2024.

Before I announce the winner, on behalf of the ROS community I want to thank our outgoing community representative Brett Aldrich (@brettpac) for his service on the ROS 2 TSC. Thanks Brett! Your contributions to our community in the form of your representative term and maintainer of SMACC are an excellent model of service in open-source software.

The TSC Community Representative election uses the Condorcet method, which is a form of ranked-choice voting. We had 253 votes submitted by the community, and I have attached the voting results below.

Now, without further ado, the winner of this year’s election is:

:tada: Francisco MartĂ­n Rico (@fmrico) :tada:

Francisco is an associate professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain and the author of PlanSys2, MOCAP4ROS2, and Cascade Lifecycle 2. You can read Francisco’s full bio here

Congratulations Francisco! I will reach out to you via e-mail to set up a time to chat before December’s TSC meeting on Thursday, 12/15. Also thank you @DLu, @ruffsl, @donowak, @parzival , @Justobak01 for taking the time to run and putting yourselves out there for a community election.

Full Election Results

The rankings for the remaining candidates are as follows:

  1. Francisco MartĂ­n Rico (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
  2. David V. Lu!! loses to Francisco Martín Rico by 154–61
  3. Ruffin White loses to Francisco Martín Rico by 168–45, loses to David V. Lu!! by 128–71
  4. Dominik Nowak loses to Francisco Martín Rico by 188–32, loses to Ruffin White by 122–73
  5. Jash Mota loses to Francisco Martín Rico by 190–39, loses to Dominik Nowak by 102–89
  6. Essowe Justin Bakoubolo loses to Francisco Martín Rico by 198–27, loses to Jash Mota by 120–63

The Condorcet ranking matrix is as follows:


I have made a Paste Bin of the raw election data with the emails of everyone who voted redacted if you would like to check our math (or more specifically, the Condorcet algorithm used by CIVS).

More Voting News

By the way, if you enjoy voting, why not drop by the Hardware Acceleration Working Group meeting next week to vote on accepting REP-2008 for draft status.


Congrats @fmrico! Well deserved!
It was an honor to be standing alongside all the candidates.

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All of us @DLu, @ruffsl, @donowak, @parzival, and @Justobak01 , were excellent candidates to represent the Community. It has been a great experience sharing this democratic community process with you.

Thanks to all the people who have trusted me to represent them in the ROS TSC. I will work hard not to let you down :nerd_face:


Congratulations @fmrico. Well deserved! :clap: And many thanks to @DLu, @ruffsl, @donowak, @parzival, and @Justobak01 who had also volunteered to be candidates. The large number of candidates is impressive and very important for this democratic community process.


Hearty Congratulations @fmrico! You definitely deserve it.

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Bien joué Francisco! Félicitations! :wink:


Congratulations Francisco!

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Congratulations @fmrico!!! Very happy for you!

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