2024 ROS Internship Open Thread

2024 ROS Internship Open Thread

It is that time of year where students start looking for internships! Open Robotics usually gets swarms of requests from prospective interns looking for internships. This year I would like to give them a dedicated resource for ROS related internship opportunities. If your organization is looking for robotics interns please include a link to your internship application / announcement below. Make sure to include a link to your company / organization and brief description of what you do and what you are looking for in an intern.

A note for prospective interns:

Just a reminder, we do not allow “looking for work” posts on the ROS jobs board. We recommend that you take a moment to build your online presence so employers can find you more easily. One way you can do this is by creating a personal homepage, adding a Readme file to your Github account, or posting one of your recent projects to social media with the appropriate hashtag. If you see an internship that looks promising in this thread please consider reaching out to the author directly.

Open Robotics is providing this thread as a resource for the ROS community; as such Open Robotics does not endorse any of the listed positions. We encourage students to do their own due diligence and consider all positions carefully. Students are encouraged to work with their academic institution to understand how internships, particularly unpaid positions, could impact their Visa status.


Edit: applications closed

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Thank you, @Katherine_Scott, for creating this thread and increasing the chances of internship opportunities to be seen by aspiring robotics experts!

I’m George, and I work as a Robotics Engineer and Business Development Specialist at Karelics, a Finnish robotics startup founded in late 2019. Our main focus is bringing truly autonomous robots to construction sites all over the world, and we are aiming to achieve this through our two software products, the Karelics Brain and Cloud, and the custom hardware computational payload that we are installing on the robots that we integrate into our ecosystem.

We are actively searching for interns to join us on-site in Joensuu, Finland, for the upcoming summer. The details of the job, along with information on how to apply, are found in this post!

Looking forward to as many applications as possible!



Anyone looking for unpaid, remote ROS2 internships may apply here: ClickUp Forms.

I onboarded about 70 interns for Void Robotics last year, working on GPS-based nav2 navigation and camera-based obstacle avoidance. Feel free to ask any of them on LinkedIn of their experience, as most said they learned more here than in college.


Thank you @Katherine_Scott . Here is a link to our paid internship through IAESTE:

The Distributed Systems Research Group at Zurich University of Applied Sciences works on many explorative projects related to cloud computing, IoT, robotics, and operating systems. We currently offer one position in the field of cloud robotics. Students with hands-on experience on ROS (this is a must) are welcome to join a team of people working on applied cloud robotics problems related to navigation, object detection, grasping and multi-robot coordination.

May I suggest that the outputs of these unpaid intern’s work is open-source? If not paying them and working with open-source community projects, having a portfolio or links to PRs saying “Hey, I did that” would be helpful for when they want to be getting paid jobs later. Plus, there could be real benefit for everyone to improve these projects.


Hello everyone,

Here is an internship opportunity related to ROS at L2S

Are you a talented and ambitious master’s student in your final year, eager to gain hands-on experience in the real world while staying close to the research environment? At #labL2S we are looking for passionate student like you. Apply here

Feel free to share this post with your network or tag potential candidates who might be interested.

Place of work: L2S, CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay
General Information: Paid internship (fix monthly allowance). 4 to 6 months internship (Master level) starting from February 2024. Remote work is not possible.

#InternshipOpportunity #MasterStudents #CareerDevelopment #JoinUs #NowHiring #InternshipProgram #centralesupelec #drones dji robotics ros ros2

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Hey @smac, sorry for the late reply. I’m just seeing this now.

I would prefer to have this be open-source, but my product is being used on a private client’s project: https://www.voidrobotics.com/voidwalking/. I’m not legally allowed to make it open-source. Also, another company wishes to buy it in the next 5 years, so long as I can make a working demo and it works well with their solution.

My plan for it is to start making money with a professional nav2 product, and then have the ability to pay all of my interns, maybe $1K each, in the future. My understanding is that it’s ok to have a salable product that uses ROS2, similar to ClearPath Robotics.

I do allow all of my interns to put any work they did on their public portfolio, because my main goal for them is to get a high-paying job.

I understand you are concerned that my program may be illegal, but I spent a while researching the legalities of it, and so long as I’m not replacing paid workers, it is legal. Literally hundreds of college students come to me each year asking for ROS2 internships, so that’s why I created this program. I felt if I don’t have the money to pay interns (I don’t believe in getting seed funding before a working product) but people want to work for me, then the best thing to do is teach them while building a product. I always strive to make the most moral and legal choices, and I truly believe turning down hundreds of interns each year is the wrong choice. Otherwise, they won’t be able to get a job, because they usually lack a lot of basic knowledge, such as how to start a launch file.

Let me know if you have any other concerns. I do appreciate all the open-source work nav2 does, and this internship program is how I’d like to give back. I don’t have enough money to pay them, but they say they are learning a lot here.

Foxglove is looking for a project-based contractor to create custom visualizations showcasing a variety of robotics applications. This opportunity involves locating publicly available robotics datasets (like Open X-embodiment), converting sensor log data to MCAP format, and highlighting that data using Foxglove’s visualization tool.

This is a paid role that is well-suited for an engineering student or a professional who is eager to leverage their robotics experience in a practical, impactful way and is willing to operate on a project-to-project basis. The hours for this role are flexible and we will work with the candidate to align on realistic deliverable dates for each project.

Preferred qualifications:

  • background in robotics engineering
  • experience with the Foxglove platform
  • familiarity with MCAP and/or ROS2 logging formats

Those interested should get in touch with me directly with details on interest and qualifications.