5 Ways to Stream Video from Robots and Why You Should Use WebRTC

Despite WebRTC being such a clear winner for streaming video from robots nowadays, I still meet a lot of people who don’t know why. This post explains what matters for streaming and how the various approaches compare. Happy to answer any questions about this.


does webrtc has any advantages over using gstream piping with h265 encoding on very simple p2p offline network ?

IMO WebRTC can also change the resolution, which a simple h.26x stream doesn’t do.

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Any resources how to set up webrtc and over custom robot

@chfritz and All, thanks for sharing the information.

Would you mind sharing any comments or experience with Secure Reliable Transport related to this if you have? I see most of the criteria described here can be covered with SRT which is industry standard?

probably native browser support and easy to use… not really sure :sweat:

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I hadn’t heard about SRT before. But reading up on it now, it seems it’s simply not supported in browsers (yet?). From Preview an SRT stream in a standard browser with WHEP and WebRTC | by Eyevinn Technology | Medium :

SRT protocol is an extension to the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and thus not possible to use directly in a standard web browser. One of the options for streaming video to a browser in real-time latency is to use WebRTC.

Is there a reason you think SRT might be better than webrtc?

+1 on this. I have found that documentation on the advantages of WebRTC is significantly easier to find than documentation on how to set up a working streaming pipeline with it. I would like to see more simple working examples. I have seen enough of the “what” and “why” regarding WebRTC. Now, I would like to see more “how”.


Since we are Sony, Imaging & Camera solution is the one key business. But I myself have not been in SRT field for a long time, I was working on some statistics framework with SRT before.

Just out of curiosity, I was just wondering if anyone knows the difference and experience with SRT for Robotics, that is it.

anyway, thank you very much for the reply!

How do you handle WebRTC and streaming it to Apple products (Safari / iOS)?
As I have experienced difficulties with Apple product

@Niknu , I’d be curious what issues you see because in theory it should just work – just like you can, presumably, use Google Meet and other web-based video conferencing solutions in Safari. It is true that every browser implements the WebRTC standards slightly differently, so for instance when we got Chrome to work, Firefox was still not happy. But those things are usually minor details in the SDP (Session Description Protocol) messages that are easy to fix. Please let me know if you end up trying our capability and it doesn’t work for you in Safari. Btw, Chrome on iOS/MacOS should work just fine out of the box.

I don’t remember right now, as it’s not currently something I have worked with. But it could be that the Safari needed more tweaks than Chrome.
Sorry for don’t be more precise.

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