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500 Internal Server Error

I am experiencing connection errors on the majority of pages at Is there a problem with this wiki site? This situation has continued since yesterday and is still occurring frequently. The funny thing is, this happens randomly, but sometimes there is no problem, but sometimes no connection is shown and no “500 Internal Server Error” is displayed.

This problem is not a problem for the main page “”, but there is a problem on the wiki page of each package. For example, the following wiki page does not intermittently connect.


I wonder if others are okay?

Looking at the server it appears that the wiki is erroring about 10% of page loads. I’ve updated the status here: and will look into it with our hosting.

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I found a bug in two of the wiki macros. It’s fixed now.

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I tested it and it seems that the problem has been solved. I will continue to watch.

Thank you.