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rosserial_arduino Tutorial Page Mistake



On the Hello World (example publisher) tutorial page for rosserial_arduino here, the text under section 1.2 The Code Explained appears to be wrong. It starts out “Now, let’s break the code down.” but then everything after that looks like a troubleshooting guide for various error messages.

I’m not at all sure this was the best place to post this.



Oh the errors you are seeing are actually the wiki plugin for code references failing. Super sorry for broken tutorials, we all know how tough that can be.

This seems similar to this thread ->

I’ve reviewed the markup of the wiki page and can’t seem to get it working. Maybe @tfoote knows the solution.


I can confirm that I see the problem. It looks like it’s been reported on the wiki issue tracker:

That’s probably the best place to follow up. If you can help identify precisely what conditions cause the problem that would be helpful.


Ah, and I just now realized that the text after the “Error: No code_block found” bits is in fact the proper text. I just skimmed it, assuming the hole section was bad.

Okay, thanks for commiserating and giving it your attention.