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A Robotics Systems Engineer's Lockdown Robotics Project: A Hands-On Robot Platform for Learning ROS

I recently interviewed Aditya Kamath, a robotics systems engineer, to talk about his latest project – a robot platform to help the next generation of roboticists learn ROS.

I first stumbled on his work when he showed off visualizations of his robots using our team’s robotics dev tool Foxglove Studio, but a deep dive into his excellent blog made me want to learn more about his current projects and his future development plans.

In-progress shots of Aditya’s robotics build AKROS.

It was interesting to get into the weeds of the physical components he used, and how those hardware considerations influenced his development timeline.

Read more about the exciting milestones he’s hit, and his future plans for education & commercialization: Spotlight: Aditya Kamath on His Lockdown Robotics Project - Foxglove Studio


@eshu thanks for sharing my work! :slight_smile: I’ve had a great time working with Foxglove Studio and a surprisingly fun lockdown

For those interested, I’ve made some updates to the design and the robot looks like this:

I plan on writing a detailed post on Discourse once I have everything up and running

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