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ROS News for the Week of 12/13/2021

ROS News for the Week of 12/13/2021

Nav2 Now Available on Deep Racer

Our friends at Apex.AI raised a massive round of funding

Happy Holidays!





This is the last update for the year! I’ll see everyone in 2022 :partying_face:


Adding another one that just got published for those interested in robot hardware architectures:


How do I hardware architect the #ROS computational graphs of my #robots ? How do I optimize data to flow from #FPGAs to #CPUs , from #CPUs to #GPUs , and all the way back?

This article discusses an introduction to the different compute substrates available to roboticists and the pros and cons of each one while providing additional perspectives on modern compute architectures for robotic systems. Briefly, it argues how #robots are #networks of networks, with sensors capturing data, passing to compute technologies, and then on to actuators and back again in a deterministic manner. These networks must be understood as the #nervous #system of the robot. Like the human nervous systems, real-time information passing across all these networks is fundamental for the robot to behave coherently and for that, you need to use the right combination of compute resources.

To learn more about when to use an #FPGA , a #CPU , a #GPU or an #ASIC in robotics read the full article.

Hi Katherine Scot

We like to have one session on R0S2 for our team of engineers in SAEINDIA Southern Section.
Can you please let me know who I need to reach.


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