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About the OpenEmbedded category


The goal of the ROS Layer for OpenEmbedded Linux is to create a layer to cross-compile ROS and set up a Linux & ROS infrastructure for various embedded systems. In the end, setting up a ROS infrastructure for an embedded system should be as easy as currently for a Ubuntu system.

In collaboration with the ROS core developers, our secondary goal is to improve the ROS build system and the ROS packages, such that they can be cross-compiled without further ado.

Furthermore, this code could serve as a good starting point for others that are interested in packaging ROS, e.g., for Gentoo, as OpenEmbedded Linux and Gentoo are related to some extent.
The project is open-source and available at Feedback and contributions of any kind are welcome.

This is a migration of the meta-ros mailing list. For earlier discussions please see those archives.