Ad hoc network with ROS2

Hi, I want to control multiple robots via ad hoc network(mesh). However, most examples shows about using infrastructures(like router). I figure out about some routing protocols like batman-adv. Is there any choices or examples or blog posts to build multi robot system with ROS2 in ad hoc network?

Using physical network interface for mesh network, I have never seen something like that before.
I happened to find the following package which is already E.O.L and old but looks familiar with your requirement?

We sometimes use Weave-Net which creates a mesh overlay network between each of the nodes. This supports CNI(Container Network Interface), that means you can bind this network interface to physical host and containers. besides, comes with Kubernetes.

You may be interested in the works presented at this years recent IROS workshop tutorial session:

Tutorial: Practical Mesh Networking in Field Robotics
This tutorial workshop is designed to introduce participants to practical mesh networking options available to the contemporary field roboticist. Over the course of the tutorial, participants will hear about the strengths and weaknesses of several solutions employed by teams from the DARPA Subterranean Challenge. As part of the tutorial, organizers will build up a complete mesh networking stack from scratch within a ROS ecosystem suitable for practical deployments. At the conclusion of the tutorial, participants will be informed about the practical design tradeoffs of current mesh networking solutions.

From my attendance, while I recall some of the implementations still utilized ROS 1, most of the approaches focused on solving challahs with the physical network level, and thus remains just as applicable to ROS 2.

Thank you, It really helped

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Thank you, I’ll check it out.

I’m quite interested in using

With How it works