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Advice for organizing multi architecture ROS workspace

Looking for the best way to do this. It must be a common problem…

My robot uses both ARM and Intel CPU and also both C++ and Python. I have one ROS workspace for Intel and one for ARM. If a node can be run on either machine type then I have to keep a copy of the source code in each workspace. This is annoying because of the need to copy after every edit.

My goal is to have one copy of the code in one workspace that is NFS mounted to all the computers. I tried this but then every time I run catkin_make it compiles only for the architecture that ran catkin_make. Is there a way to have two sets of binaries and maybe get rosrun to run the correct binary?

I’m looking for suggestions, I don’t think I’d need a detailed howto.

Thanks for your question. However we ask that you please ask questions on following our support guidelines:

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