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Announcing dynamixel-workbench version update (the official package in ROBOTIS)

Hi, ROS people :slight_smile:

Dynamixel-Workbench is dynamixel solution for ROS.
This metapackage allows you to easily change the ID, baudrate and operating mode of the Dynamixel. Furthermore, it supports various controllers based on operating mode and Dynamixel SDK. These controllers are commanded by operators.

This updates are focused on toolbox library. This library is composed of ‘dynamixel_tool’, ‘dynamixel_driver’ and ‘dynamixel_multi_driver’ class. The ‘dynamixel_tool’ class loads the information of Dynamixel stored in ‘.device’ files. The ‘dynamixel_driver’ class which is based on DynamixelSDK provides functions to control an Dynamixel. The ‘dynamixel_multi_driver’ class which is inherited by ‘dynamixel_driver’ class provides functions to control Dynamixels.

You can use this package and library when you operates Dynamixel.

If you have any questions or feedbacks for this packages, please feel free to contact to me. :wink:

Thank you!

WIKI : Dynamixel-Workbench

(Dynamixel-Workbench Single Manager)

(Dynamixel-Workbench Single Manager GUI)

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Is this to be used on top of or as an alternative to dynamixel_motor?

Hi :slight_smile:

This link will help you .


This is an alternative with support for the Dynamixel protocol 2.0. The SDK and Workbench is from Robotis. As far as I know the dynamixel_motor doesn’t support the new protocol. And I think for some newer Dynamixels (e.g. XM430) the dynamixel_motor doesn’t work and probably will not get support.

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Thanks for the answer, @routiful and @sam. It looks like I’m going to be re-writing my nodes a bit, but that’s for the best.

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Is Dynamixel-Workbench only support for Robotis servo motor only? I have robotis embedded controller CM730 and it is support dynamixel protocol version 1. I can access all sensor from this board through python with Dynamixel SDK. But when trying with ROS and dynamixel workbench, the CM730 board ID is recognized when I try to scan the device, but the device name is unknown.