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Announcing Live ROS 2 Connections in Foxglove Studio

Earlier this year, we announced Foxglove Studio support for playing back ROS 2 bags.

Today, we’re excited to announce that v0.18 of Studio allows you to connect to a live ROS 2 stack with two new data source options – ROS 2 (beta) and ROS 2 Rosbridge.

Read the full announcement here: Announcing Live ROS 2 Support - Foxglove Studio

Share your feedback!

While we’re approaching feature parity with ROS 1, our long-term vision for ROS 2 compatibility is still evolving. We’re still working with the larger ROS community (you!) to bridge the gap between what we can achieve now and the upstream work that remains (like message definitions at runtime and in bag files).

With that said, we’re excited for you to test this feature out in the field, and to give us feedback on how we can improve and expand on it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or in our Slack workspace.

Check out our docs for more details on all our supported data sources.


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