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Announcing ROS 2 Bag Playback + Visualization on Foxglove Studio (Web + Desktop App)

Today, we’re excited to announce that Foxglove Studio now supports loading ROS 2 bags for playback and visualization . With v0.13.0, a new data source option ( ROS 2 Bag Folder (local) ) will be available in the sidebar’s Connection tab:


With this option, you can load rosbag2 files for playback, in the same way you can currently load rosbag files.

We also recently released a web build of our desktop app. You can check out the web app at, or download the desktop app at Download - Foxglove Studio.

To learn more about our future dev plans, read the full announcement here: Announcing ROS 2 Bag Support - Foxglove Studio


Excellent! My team will take a look at this.


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