Announcing MoveIt Pro Runtime and Developer Platform (previously MoveIt Studio)

Hi ROS Community!

We are excited to announce our commercial grade solution for robot arms, that is 100% built on ROS 2 and MoveIt 2: MoveIt Pro. Previously known as MoveIt Studio, we have recently changed the product’s name to MoveIt Pro to better align with the capabilities and value that it delivers. Read the full blog post to learn more about the rebranding.

What is MoveIt Pro?

MoveIt Pro is both a runtime engine that integrates tightly into your ROS 2 codebase, as well as an optional developer platform. MoveIt Pro simplifies the development of ROS-based robotics applications by providing an extensive library of drop in capabilities for ML, perception, grasping, admittance control, and of course motion planning & control. It’s pre-integrated with BehaviorTree.cpp, the popular decision making framework, and features a fully integrated development environment for editing behavior trees, debugging, and introspection. And it’s fully expandable, allowing you to create your own “Behavior” plugins that compile in your regular colcon workspace using ROS 2. This makes it easy to continue leveraging your existing ROS 2 nodes and user interfaces.

What is MoveIt Pro used for?

MoveIt Pro is designed for deploying robotic arms in unstructured environments, outside of factories, and is based on PickNik’s 8 years of working with customers solving some of the hardest problems with robot arms. Example applications currently include strawberry picking, deep sea robotics, construction, medical surgery, and low gravity space applications. New use cases are only limited by your imagination!

How we are supporting open source

PickNik is making more open source contributions than ever before to ROS 2, MoveIt 2, ROS 2 Control, roslibjs, and Gazebo. We are proud of our continued commitment to our community and as we have deployed MoveIt Pro to production environments, we have worked hard to ensure that ROS 2 (and yes, DDS) is robust.

How it helps your company

MoveIt Pro accelerates ROI and time-to-market, reducing software engineering time from ideation to prototype to production. We also provide the necessary support, warranties, certifications, and uptime guarantees that critical applications need. We’ve helped many companies avoid the years of R&D when leveraging robot arms, and can work with your team to co-develop an MVP in a matter of weeks.

Checkout our MoveIt Pro product page and don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’d love to hear your feedback - positive or negative.




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