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Announcing ODrive driver for ros2_control

we have implemented ODrive hardware interface for ros2_control.
ODrive is a high performance open source FOC driver for BLDC, which supports position, velocity and torque control. Now all these interfaces are exported to ros2_control :wink:


That’s great, thanks for making it open! I was looking hard for a proper ros_control implementation for ODrive and this looks like a great start. As a side note in your License file you might want to fill in the line 189 (Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]).

Looking forward to checking it out and contributing if needed :).

Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached license notice to individual files. I’m not sure if it is still needed to modify the APPENDIX of LICENSE. Contributions and suggestions are welcome. Actually, it is not difficult to implement the interfaces using libusb. The difficult part is compatibility design, since ODrive supports different encoder types and control modes. We have only tested the package with ABI encoder.

Nice work @borongyuan I’ll be sure to have a play with this when my ODrives come in for my next project.

Awesome! I had ported one of the ROS1 packages to Foxy but then hadn’t touched it in a year and just so happened to be revisiting the project but wanted to update to a more stable one and low and behold. Thanks!

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