Announcing RMF Fleet Adapter for InOrbit

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share the news that, with the great help from Ekumen, we made available an RMF Fleet Adapter (Full Control) for InOrbit.

This adapter makes it possible to use Open RMF’s traffic deconfliction, task execution and other capabilities to drive robots connected through the InOrbit RobOps Platform. Open RMF and the Fleet Adapter are open source and may be used for free. The adapter uses InOrbit’s REST API to communicate with the InOrbit cloud-based platform.

In an effort to make the Fleet Adapter easier to use and understand, we’ve provided an Examples repository that includes a working demo that can connect to a preconfigured InOrbit account, as well as a template to make it easier for adopters to configure a new Fleet Adapter instance with their own InOrbit account [1].

We’re happy to support and contribute to the amazing work of our friends on the Open RMF team and continue to help advance the state of the art in autonomous robot interoperability.

Looking forward to feedback on this adapter so we can make it more useful for everybody.



[1] For those who don’t have an InOrbit account yet: creating an InOrbit account takes just a couple of clicks, and it includes an entry level Free Edition that is free, forever, for an unlimited number of robots. There are also full-featured editions for developers and educational institutions. Check out our pricing page for more details.


Fantastic work @Julian_Cerruti, InOrbit and Ekumen!! Wonderful to see more adapters being shared and more use of the Open-RMF tools in community solutions!

Thank you for also adding your adapter to Open-RMF’s Awesome Adapter repo!