Announcing ros2-rust (aka rclrs) 0.3

Hi all, we’re happy to announce a new release of of ros2-rust aka rclrs!

The highlights of this release:

  • Support for the loaned message API, which enables zero-copy transport for certain message types
  • Node graph queries, for listing other nodes/publishers/etc. and their properties
  • Flexible subscription callbacks – callbacks can now operate on boxed messages, or loaned messages, and optionally accept a MessageInfo argument
  • Guard conditions, a mechanism for manually interrupting wait sets
  • rosidl_generator_rs now supports constants

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release, whether via features, bug reports, or reviews!

We’re happy to see that many people are interested in the client library, and we want to hear what you think should be on the roadmap to make it more useful to you. What weight should be given to an async API, for instance?