Announcing the 1st BehaviorTree workshop: call for participation

Google Calendar says that it “could not find the requested event” when I click on that link on my desktop, and creates an empty event when I try it on my phone. Is the event marked to private (or something else?), or is it an issue on my end?

fixed, thanks for reporting the issue :slight_smile:

Any chance this meeting will be recorded?

Yes, I think that is the plan, unless someone has privacy concerns. In the worst case a summary will be published.

Hi David,

Would you like me to add this to the ROS events calendar and/or the weekly update?

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That would be great @Katherine_Scott
Zoom meeting details are:

Davide Faconti is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 0559 3019

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You’re on the ROS Discourse calendar now. Let me know if you need anything else.

This is a kind reminder, to anybody interested to join the workshop, to send their contact information and short abstract.

See you next Thursday! :slight_smile:


@facontidavide will the workshop be recorded? I am interested, but I will not be able to join tomorrow :frowning:

I am mostly interested in seeing if there is some research opportunity for us or even if I might promote some projects on BehaviourTree.CPP for my students at VU Amsterdam (an Rviz panel would be a nice Bachelor project for example).

@iivanoo, sure, it will be recorded.
Anyway, let’s talk about opportunities for your students privately (my email is

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Ok, thanks Davide! I will keep my eyes open for the recording :slight_smile:

hello @facontidavide

I think i have spotted an error at the Parallel decorator :

if i use as children Action Nodes it works properly, however if the child is a Sequence or a Sub-behavior it will execute only the first action of the sequence or sub-behavior in parallel with the other and then the rest sequentially, i’m not aware if there is a workaround for this, so in conclusion i can not execute two sequences/sub-behaviors in parallel

Furthermore i think it would be nice to be able to pass bare strings into sub-behaviors instead of only blackboard parameters, but i’m not sure if this must be done or it is easy to be done

thanks a lot!

hello @facontidavide , is the workshop recorded video available currently? :grinning: :grinning:

Agreed! I tried to get in about 15 minutes late but I was never let into the meeting :cry:

I am very interested in seeing a recording. I hope it went well

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+1 I was sadly unable to attend during my caravan holiday in Spain… :slight_smile:

I would also like to suggest to improve the shared_library loading function.
At least I am utilizing that function to have the BT „infrastructure“ completely separated from actual robotic use cases. This leads to the situation that I have unmet library dependencies if I want to load a new plugin at runtime. Mostly, they are e.g. ROS messages. That were not build in the same workspace as the BT „Infrastructure“ providing node.
For that, I simply misuse the load_plugin library to load my compiled ROS IDL files.
The BT Factory complains that the indicating symbol was not found, because there is none, but gladly still keeps the library loaded :innocent:
This gives me the freedom to manually load my dependencies in the right order and with that finally my new plugin.

While this usage works with the current implementation, I would suggest making the usage more official, depending if such a usage of the library is desired.
I created a special ROS2 package especially for this use case. Make BT „infrastructur“ available for everybody but keep it „clean“ from any application use case. At least I find that beneficial, but I am asking myself if the community would like to use something like that… :slight_smile:

Everybody would just need to provide a very small BT Plugin and their part solutions would be very easily usable alongside other ROS2 or non-ROS plug-ins… :slight_smile:

Was the recording of the workshop shared? I was unable to attend but was looking for the workshop to review and go through this weekend to catch up on what I missed. Please advise.

The video will be online soon.


Unedited video can be found here:

I should level up my Zoom and Youtuber skills, before recording the next one :smile:


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