Announcing the Open Source Robotics Horde


We are pleased to announce the creation of the Open Source Robotics Horde (OSRH), a new initiative of the ORC (Open Roboticist Constortium) in its ongoing efforts to maintain the Toolkit for Robotic Operations Layer Libraries (TROLL).

Although initially it may seem to have goals directly in opposition to the Open Source Robotics Alliance (OSRA), rest assured that another organization working on open source robotics will likely only lead to greater competition, and is unlikely to result in all-out war. Craft of software remains a common goal that both organizations aim to nourish.

The OSRH follows a guild membership model, leveraging the work of Dr. L. Roy Jenkins. We are also pleased to announce our inaugural guild members:

  • Blutelfen Robotics
  • Tauren
  • NightBorne

If you have any further questions, please visit our website and/or post questions here.


Do you know how the OSRH’s “guild model” will translate to collaborative objectives. I’ve seen certain guild models that heavily emphasize a Rapidly Actuated Innovation Development (RAID) obligations. Would violations result in removal (kick/ban)?

Also, how would Universities be obligated to participate in RAIDs. Depending on RAID obligations it may impact academic performance.


I’m only missing a link to the reference work of Dr. L. Roy Jenkins :slight_smile:


Do OSRH members get cool rings? :rock: :white_square_button: :compass:


Are we rewriting everything in rust using AI LLMs?

Sounds like April Fool?

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The name Tadashi Hamada comes from the movie Big Hero 6. When ROSCon was held in Macau on Halloween, I dressed up as him.

Anyway, I just spoke with the OSRH team, and they want to acknowledge @emersonknapp for his work spearheading the ORC and TROLL acronyms.


You talk to yourself? Isn’t that a sign of madness or something?



WOW just wow… can’t wait to meet DR.LEROY J in the next TSC !!

Somebody has to tell it to you - TSC is no more…

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