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Announcing the ros2_control working group

Hello there!

We are excited to announce the creation of the ros2_control Working Group.

The objective of this working group will be to bring ros2_control to the next level by providing functionality from ROS in ROS2 as well as redesigns where necessary and some long-awaited features!

The group currently includes founding members from

  • PAL Robotics
  • AWS RoboMaker
  • Bosch

who are spearheading development and are assisted by the ros2_control maintainer team, @bmagyar and @karsten1987.

We already have a roadmap set up largely based on recent community feedback. Adding new items can be requested on the group meetings.

Our meetings are held every two weeks on Wednesdays, 6PM GMT/11AM PST and serve to bring everyone up to speed, do short discussions on design proposals and additional requirements.

The next meeting is on 2020-03-11T18:00:00Z

You can join via

In case Google meet doesn’t work, you can dial in:
+1 567-459-0053‬ PIN: ‪792 268 744‬#

These details should also be visible in the calendar entry.

Meetings are hosted in hangouts and typically last for 30-45 minutes. The current time is set to suit Central Europe and California but might be happily adapted if we have a more global audience.

Most of our coordination will be done via Discourse and Github. The teleconferences will mainly be used to catch up on progress overviews and discuss tricky issues that require more back-and-forth.


I am interested. Please, send me the invitation.

Hi @bmagyar, I’m interested in attending next meeting.
Also, could you please share a (google?) calendar of the upcoming meetings?

Hello @bmagyar, I’m interested in ros2_control.
I’m not sure if I can attend the meeting because of time, but I’d like to contribute even a little.

Hi @bmagyar, I’m also interested in ros2_control.
I’m in Japan so that I might not attend the meeting but I can contribute via GitHub and Discourse.

Yutaka Kondo
Engineer, Preferred Networks, Inc.

The next meeting is 11 March 2020. Meetings should soon be available in the ROS2 WG calendar.

I’ve updated the opening post with the same info.


There should be a calendar entry up in the working group calendar for
Wednesday 11 March, 2020 at 17:00

You can join via

In case Google meet doesn’t work, you can dial in:
+1 567-459-0053‬ PIN: ‪792 268 744‬#

These details should also be visible in the calendar entry.
Looking forward to meeting you all.


If you’d like the invitations to come to your calendar please join the google group:!forum/ros-control-working-group-invites

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March 11th 11a.m. PST.

@karsten do you mind formatting that meeting date? See an example here.

This group either doesn’t exist, or you don’t have permission to access

done! I didn’t know this timezone picker existed. So exciting.

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The link works fine for me in a non-logged in window. It’s open for anyone to join.

And I get an option to join if I test with another email accout.

I’d suggest trying again and making sure you don’t have a typo.

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Hitting the link again today I did not see the error message and could join the group without any issue. No idea what was going on.
Thanks anyway.


I’ve updated opening post with this time format and the hangouts link so ppl don’t have to come digging in the thread for it. I’ve also fixed the time to match the time of the calendar event and original announcement.

Meeting notes doc below: