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Ros2_control Working Group meeting 23 Sept 2020

Hello there folks,

The next ros2_control Working Group meeting will be 2020-09-23T17:00:00Z. Please note that this is our Americas-friendly timeslot.

Anyone who wishes to attend, please review and add your points to the agenda:

You can join the meeting through google groups or consult the calendar for the hangouts link (note that the calendar uses PST):

See you there,
Your friendly ros_control maintainer team

Here are the notes from last meeting:

Bence Magyar
Karsten Knese (Bosch)
Dmitri Ignakov
Denis Stogl
Victor Lopez (PAL Robotics)
Andy Zelenak (PickNik Robotics)

Agenda Items

Foxy release goal – Three tasks remain for the first release: transition from Handles to Components, the Controller Manager, and Resource Manager. We strive for a first release, along with a demo from PickNik Robotics (manipulation) and a TBD navigation demo. Possibly also a manipulation demo from Dmitri. Targeted for October 23 or sooner.

BSD license issue (Denis) – Victor confirms that Apache 2.0 can be applied. Issue is resolved.

Controller Manager implementation (Denis and Karsten) – Denis and Karsten are independently working on CM implementations. Denis will post a ticket with bullet points of work TODOs so the work can be divided. Dmitri to help, as well

ControllerLoaderInterface (Bence) – consensus to close this PR. The services it provides are mostly redundant with those provided by the Controller Mgr and lifecycle nodes

Update min/max parsing from URDF – Andy TODO

Branching strategy (Karsten) – similar to MoveIt, current work should target the Master branch. When a release is made (e.g. Foxy), a new branch will be created and we seek to avoid API changes on that branch.

Activation of controllers on controller_manager::activate() – consensus that CM will not be a lifecycle node. Consider activate() to be a simple forward to activate (all) loaded controllers. If conflicts, activate neither. Activate could take a list of controller names to activate.

Forward controller (DmitrI) – tested with a fake robot, seems ready to merge. Not tested on hardware yet. Setup was not too difficult.