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Answers is down (502s), but status page doesn't reflect it

Right now (October 14, 2019 7:15 AM) ROS Answers appears to be down for me (I get a 503: bad gateway).

Looking at however does not show anything wrong:


It’s unclear how Statuspage is configured (so what it actually checks), but it doesn’t seem to take this kind of problem into account.

PS: I also noticed that the trend graphs seem to have disappeared?


Yes the webpage isn’t loading .

I get 502 Bad Gateway (from Central Europe).

SSL handshake gets finished, it hangs after it…

Waking up here on the West Coast. Should be up now.

That outage definitely should have been reported by Statuspage. Some back-end changes in Pingdom seem to have broken our notification integration with Statuspage. We’re looking into that.

The alerting email addresses changed for the integration between Pingdom and Statuspage. I have updated them all so that the site should automatically detect downtimes and send notifications appropriately.